Admiral Jedi Xiaolin

Admiral Jedi Xiaolin--id

At the age of nine Jedi Xiaolin was found adrift  in the Alpha Quadrant in an escape shuttle floating  in space, he was in what appeared to be asleep in a staces chamber with the name “Galactic Republic envoy written on the hull, and Dominion Diplomatic Senate. Computer logs most are classified by Starfleet,indicate  that the shuttle originated 100,000 light years away from where it was found. We now know that the area is called the outer rim according to the star charts. that was in the ships computer,in the Gamma Quadrant.A focused light weapon was found with the child.A warning was also found stating the he was the last of his kind and that powerful people are looking for the child, and to hide him at all cost. Director Sloan of Starfleet Intel and Director of  section 31 found the boy while undercover on Bajor to investigate a changeling that was working for the Cardassians before the occupation of Bajor and the space station,  Taroc’ Nor at the time Commander Sloan of Starfleet Intelligence told no one and took the boy in as his own son.

After graduating Starfleet Academy he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence and post undercover in Temporal Investigations, his  investigation lead to many discoveries in the restoration of the timeline, which are deemed classified…But we can say is this; Capt. Picard, Capt, Janeway, and Admiral Quinn Are some of the mission commanders that can endorsed some of the missions that lead to, two Christopher Pike awards for Valor and a Silver Star.His current assignment is Fleet Admiral of Starfleet Eclipsys.


Assigned to Captain USS Bruce Lee (Advance Multivector


KEVIN LEEComander Kevin Lee Wright was born on Bajor and was part of the resistance movement of the Marquis against the Cardassians and the only survivor of the Eradication of the Marquis by the  Dominion. Commander Wright joined Starfleet with the personal referral of Colonel Kera who is a high ranking official of Deep Space 9. Commander Wright is known as a master tactician on the ground and in space and was hand picked to share his expertise in combat. Commander Wright also perfected the battle tactics and designed the multi vector assault mode prototype star ship called Prometheus.







Abdin Romaticlan ID

Jem’Hadar -Commander Abdin Carillo is the First of a reorganization and relocation of  Jem Hadar that were left from the Alliance and Dominion war. Commander  Carillo  rose through the ranks  by serving  on several campaigns to gather  Jem Hadar and Fostering a  program  that help Alpha Quadrant Jem Hardar from tearing each other apart Commander Cariilo  worked with Starfleet to find places where a Jem’ Hadar can serve. Starfleet Medical and the Dominion  worked and used Borg Nano probes to produce  ketracel White   in the blood stream automatically, Most Jem Hadar work personal security for the Ferengi Business men and there are many Jem hadar in Starfleet as tactical officers.Commander Abdin has been



Commander Abdin Romaticlan the 2nd






Commander Byron Page, Tactical Officers’ career is not what Starfleet is proud of . Commander Page, has been promoted to Captain Three times and busted down to Commander three times Commander Page has  Violated the prime directive on two separate occasions both dealing with cloaking technology and hitting a superior Officer (Admiral Quinn) Commander Page destroyed two galaxy class ships to prevent a treaty violation by the Federation in his command. Commander Page released highly classiifed  data that the federation where working on technology to build a cloaking device that a ship can fire weapons through, the team that did it were successful. But an Intel officer and Section 31 stole the device and equipment .details of the mission. At Commander Byron Page Court Marshall the judge advocate said, ” the officer was only following orders on both occasions and that he was mislead by Section 31 and Starfleet intelligence, if he is court marshaled they should be too.” Page was released under the command of Eclipsys Temporal task force and given command of his own ship. Assignment….Classified.


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