How to farm Energy Credits

HOW TO (FARM) EARN ENERGY CREDITS (EC) IN STAR TREK ONLINE Spending a hour a day can earn you Energy Credits that will make your life a lot easier and the game more enjoyable, having money in your pocket….So in our search to find someone who plays the game, who knows how to make money or “energy credits”, which is one of the most popular games around. We take a look at Star Trek online “STO” to review Mr. Valikin video which in my opinion is the most thorough  tutorial of “farming Energy Credits on STO.  and the live chat is wonderful, he is not the only one talking and engaging  in the conversation. The demonstrations he presents are right on and simple and easy to remember and available to be initiated immediately after learning the techniques. When I preformed the task which was recommend by Mr. Valikin  it changed the way I play STO  and made it more “rich” for me to play. I was a Beta tester and have been with the game since the beginning before they gave out rare items and before Deep space was open…..and when crafting compared to now was shall I say “weird” (R & D ).  



 Using the PvE to earn EC,

This is part of the farming technique that you use to craft for the components to craft (superior tech upgrades) to sell on the exchange to earn your energy credits. This is a good foundation to make the game more interesting to play. But first you have to check the prices for the items for the items you are selling to see what the descending price and ascending price to research the price is a good technique.

Foundry Missions

300 thousand a day. farming for EC is another way to do it. Foundry missions is where to go. Foundry Mission is where to  farm there is a 300 hundred thousand cap on this type of farm for EC, remember pick up every drop to sell later. Taking the time to craft items that are Rare or Epic can make Energy credits increase in your bank account. We think that Mr. Valikin of STO is our recommendation to view his video on Energy credit for your game play to be the best it can be, we thank you for the lesson and hope to see you out there in STO. 4 Stars rating , click link to go to our exchange to view item that you will here for Eclipsys Exchange—->engage!!


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    • Romulars are the main characters in a lot of Star Trek Eps form STO, its a good Character to play on the game

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