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Last Night was very entertaining  for my family and I we watched  Star Trek Beyond…. 2  plus hours  of excitement and action. It is one  of those movies you have to watch again just to make sure you did not miss anything. JJ Abrams did it again made a move for movie goers and not for  star trek fans….the dialog was good and the movie flowed  no down spot or filler to keep he story moving…..It  was all good……


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A  star is only as bright as the darkness,  so the  villain,  the characters was evenly matched while James Kirk  was having emotional  issues, but it seems that  JJ… did  not stay to script…..that Spock do not have feelings:”Vulcan  do not experience emotion…and how is he suppose to have a relationship he only have sex once every seven years? Only a person who make movies for movie goers  would side step an important and simple thing like that. Do he really think that we   want to see Spock crying? It has always  interesting to see  how  Spock Deals with situation without emotion…and a  skill to show  as an actor. JJ  Abrams does not seem to get that.The Doctor  was more  vital, this time but seem that the scene    was meant  for someone else.,like Kirk  or Scotty Bones seems out of place, but it  was good to see  him have more story.

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The Villain  is what  is what makes  the Hero liked.More  and more  the villains  in these new  interpretation  of Star Trek become  more powerful to keep  us interested  in  the  story. but  the only thing  about this, is it gets old  Star  Trek  don’t only deal  villain (like  a superhero movie) star trek  also  deal with common issues  like anomalies  and Galactic   and Cosmic  issues.   Things  that are bigger than one person’s ego,But having  a very threatening  villain, makes   it  possible that  this  could  be  it for  our  hero  is good too. All in all  I  liked the Star trek beyond  hope  you will  too  it was a great night of entertainment for me and my family……

 ♦♦♦♦ out of 5





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