The Quartermaster of the  Federation has hereby


authorized  for the Eclipsys Task Force and approved the following Federation Starships for the use of the Temporal Task Force. All Ship are battle ready. As order By Sol System Admiral Quinn, Intelligence Fleet Admiral Jedi  Xiaolin and Temporal Investigation Admiral Quest. This makes up the Temporal Task Force called,”Eclipsys”

Intel Ships

Intel Cruiser, Intel Escort, Intel Science are our temporal investigation fleet, that will allow us the ability to approach and repel race with temporal weapons and the ability to tamper with the time line of the Feds or our allies. Our ship work together or by itself for long range deep space assignment. All Intel ship are equipped with a cloaking device and epic weapons and temporal systems and weapons.



Tactical Wing Escort

Eclipsys tactical wing operate as Reconnaissance where temporal Incursion are suspected and hostile ships present. Weapon kits, very rare systems commanded by tactical officers, Defiant class, Promethius class and Mirror are in service


Science Wing

An investigation of a temporal event is based  in the science in the temporal and quantum physics, Techyon, Chronaton and Antichrinaton technology are the base of technology of the fleet. Transphasic and Polaron weapons round out the technology. The consoles are equipped to handle subspace and space anomaly manipulation. Wing ships are intrepid class, mirror escort, long range science vessel.