Starfleet Eclipsys Deployments


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CAPTAIN:Marissa (Seven of Five)

Assimilated at wolf 359 LT. Marrissa Wright was liberated by Capt. Janeway,she return to the federation as:  Seven of Five(Marrissa)before she was assimilated.  Graduate from Starfleet Academy top of her class. At the age of 25 years old she engineered the first transwarp engine  matrix in Starfleet, in addition received the Montgomery Scott Engineering award for the perfecting of warp drive that exceed warp 10.  She was out done by her next achievement  of the primary system Kits connecting weapons, propulsion and consoles  into one  complete system which is now used by all races ships. She was hand picked and recommended by Commander Kevin Wright…..Commander Marrissa was found in a drifting Borgs sphere in the Delta Quadrant   by the USS Emin Boztepe. under the command of Joylene Junio she has been debriefed and under the care of Starfleet Medical and released to the Command of Starfleet Eclipsys and under the command of Admiral Jedi Xiaolin as part of the Core of Engineering team.


1st officer Joaquin Brown










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