Star Trek Online Starfleet Eclipsys Temporal Task Force

Star Trek Online Starfleet Eclipsys Temporal Task Force


Department of Starfleet Intelligence

By order

of Starfleet Command….StarFleet Eclipsys has been commissioned as a task force of and is now a department of Starfleet Intelligence. Command of this task force is given to Fleet Admiral Jedi Xiaolin and a crew of eleven officers in the disciplines of Engineering, Science and Tactical who is given the mandate in defense of temporal investigation protocol,temporal prime directives, and the authority of use of temporal weapons, ships, and research and development of these technologies. To be use to stabilize, maintain, and prevent any disruption of the timeline.All logs, affiliations, collaborations, and missions will report direct to Admiral Quinn of Starfleet Command at star base Sol System.

Admiral Jedi Xiaolin

Admiral Jedi Xiaolin--id

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By order of Starfleet Command these starships are Commissioned under the Command of Fleet Admiral Jedi Xiaolin. This commission is given the Title by Starfleet: Eclipsys…Member of the Temporal Task Force to assist and defend the Temporal Prime Directive and to be used against any race or faction, that would undermined our time line or our allies timeline.


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