Department of Starfleet Intelligence

By order of Starfleet Command….StarFleet has commissioned a task force CODE NAME: ECLIPSYS and is now a department of Starfleet Intelligence. Command of this task force is given to Fleet Admiral Jedi Xiaolin and a crew of eleven officers in the disciplines of Engineering, Science and Tactical who is given the mandate in defense of temporal investigation protocol,temporal prime directives, and the authority of use of temporal weapons, ships, and research and development of these technologies. To be use to stabilize, maintain, and prevent any disruption of the timeline.All logs, affiliations, collaborations, and missions will report direct to Admiral Quinn of Starfleet Command at star base Sol System.

Admiral Jedi Xiaolin

Admiral Jedi Xiaolin--id

At the age of nine Jedi Xiaolin was found adrift  in the Alpha Quadrant in an escape shuttle floating  in space, he was in what appeared to be asleep in a staces chamber with the name “Galactic Republic envoy written on the hull, and Dominion Diplomatic Senate. Computer logs most are classified by Starfleet,indicate  that the shuttle originated 100,000 light years away from where it was found. We now know that the area is called the outer rim according to the star charts. that was in the ships computer,in the Gamma Quadrant.A focused light weapon was found with the child.A warning was also found stating the he was the last of his kind and that powerful people are looking for the child, and to hide him at all cost. Director Sloan of Starfleet Intel and Director of  section 31 found the boy while undercover on Bajor to investigate a changeling that was working for the Cardassians before the occupation of Bajor and the space station,  Taroc’ Nor at the time Commander Sloan of Starfleet Intelligence told no one and took the boy in as his own son.

After graduating Starfleet Academy he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence and post undercover in Temporal Investigations, his  investigation lead to many discoveries in the restoration of the timeline, which are deemed classified…But we can say is this; Capt. Picard, Capt, Janeway, and Admiral Quinn Are some of the mission commanders that can endorsed some of the missions that lead to, two Christopher Pike awards for Valor and a Silver Star.His current assignment is Fleet Admiral of Starfleet Eclipsys. This is his command and crew…..

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